My little family in the sun.

Winning Usborne Top Reecruiter Award 2019

Sarah Higgs

So, who am I?

I’m a fun-loving Mummy from the Midlands in the UK who wanted more! More time, more money, more freedom and to feel more like Sarah than just Mummy! I also didn’t want to sacrifice, I wanted to be the person to raise my children, I wanted to be there when they were poorly, to pick them up from school, and to read them bedtime stories.

To be honest I wanted what I thought was ‘the impossible’ Turns out it was more than possible and I’ve managed to create a lie that I love, an income I didn’t think possible, and a career that I can’t wait to get stuck into each day! However, let’s be clear and honest, I am still foremost just that Mummy, I haven’t gained a degree in business strategies along the way or in social media marketing, I’ve just tried new things, given it ago, and moved on to new things if something didn’t work.


Usborne Team Leader Clare Clarke.

“Sarah gives incredible support and is always there when I need her. She has the ability to help me to see the positive in any situation and has become a friend as well as a mentor”

Clare Clarke – Team Leader