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Have you ever wanted more?

I’ll be honest I found being a Mum tough! I wanted to be there to raise my babies but missed my career, my income, and my independence. It also made no sense for me to put my children into childcare and work just to cover that bill. I hoped there was another way but it always seemed that you had to choose between raising your kids and having a career and there wasn’t a way to have both.

Along came Usborne Books at Home

When I started this business back in 2014 I really wasn’t looking for a business, I had kinda given up on the hope that you could have the best of both worlds or that I was the type of person who could make a success of something like this. In all honesty, I had completely lost who I was as a person in motherhood, I was just Mummy and not Sarah anymore and each day was another day to keep the children alive, make them happy and attempt to keep the house clean and tidy and worry about how we were going to pay the bills. I joined Usborne just to get cheaper books for the kids, what happened next was completely unexpected.