Is Usborne books a pyramid scheme?

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No! That’s the quick answer. But let’s be honest the world is full of horror stories about people signing up to companies like this and losing lots of money or being ripped off in some way.  Life is a scary place full of unknowns and we all work hard for the money we have and if we are going to sign up for something that has a cost, even if it is only £48 then we want to make sure that it really is the right thing for us and not something that is going to cost us money rather than make it when we have put in hard work towards selling something and bettering ourselves. So, I commend you for taking the time to do the research before just jumping it.  

What is a pyramid scheme? 

The definition of a pyramid scheme is a scheme where people are asked to recruit others for a fee to join a scheme when there is no product being sold. This is certainly not the case with Usborne books as we have over 3000 amazing titles to choose from.  

If someone asks you, “Is Usborne books a pyramid scheme?” you can safely say “No it’s not, and here is why”

So What’s the risk, if Usborne books isn’t a pyramid scheme? 

Well, the risk is you! Now don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not suggesting you are some kind of liability! But the thing with this business or with any network marking business is that it is just that a BUSINESS and YOU are in control of it.  

Its down to you… 

How much you earn and what you achieve comes down to how much work you put it. A little bit of this you may feel comes down to your skillset. Do you have the tools within you to sell books and work with a team? However, I would argue that this is actually a very very small part of it and I’ve not really come across anyone who is a lost cause in the area and couldn’t be taught the skills needed to make this business successful (and I’ve recruited and mentored A LOT of people).  

Have you got the desire to make it work? 

The biggest thing you truly need is the desire to make it work and to be willing to do the work involves. Its not a magic box of books that will grow legs and sell itself it needs you to nurture it and treat your business with respect.  You do this and the world is your oyster, this business can give you anything, it can change your life and help you achieve your dreams. Trust me, I know this because I have been there and done it.  

So is Usborne books a pyramid scheme?

NO! It is a legitimate business opportunity governed by the Direct Selling Assocoaition (DSA) and has the potential to bring you uncapped earnings but only if YOU put the work in to make that happen.  

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