Process Workshop with SARAH HIGGS




Are you frustrated with doing the same jobs over and over again? Or do you feel like your online platforms should be working better for you? Would you like automation in your business so that your potential team members and customers are getting interaction with you even when you are sleeping? That’s the aim of this workshop. Over the past 7 years I’ve learned a lot about digital marketing and I am a firm believer of working smarter and not harder and this is exactly what I hope to achieve with this one-day workshop. The event will take place on the 12th of Feb and will run over 5 1 hour sessions on zoom, all of which will be recorded and sent out to you to watch back and go through again and again and you will come out of this fay with things et up and in place to make your business easier for you. You also get access to me following the course to help with any issues you may be having or if you need more advice with any of the topics. The sessions we will be covering are as follows:


Free Prize Draw on google forms and integration into a mailing list.

Mailchimp – Automation of emails to new team members, sending email campaigns and newsletters

ManyChat – A free system to auto-reply to Facebook comments, like them and to then send a message to those people and direct them to your free prize draw and to a potential lead.

YouTube- How to do a Keyword search, work out what your potential customers are looking for, create a thumbnail and direct them to your website or a new video.

Landing pages – Creating a page for your potential team members to learn about you and your business and how they can join. You can also do those for schools, nurseries or anything else you like.


The cost of this workshop is just £35 (that’s just £7 per session) You can book on individual sessions for £15 each if you don’t want to have access to the whole thing.


I look forward to working with you soon