Should I join Usborne books at home?

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This is a very good question!

So, you’ve probably had a conversation or seen a post on social media from an Usborne organiser telling you how amazing working with them is. You’re probably tempted, some of what they have been saying intrigues you and if you are reading this you are probably asking yourself the question “should I join Usborne books at home” or “Will this Usborne opportunity work for me?” So let’s delve into that a little bit deeper….

Why wouldn’t it work?

I’ll be frank! This business isn’t for everyone but like all MLM businesses many people join each month and then fail. Then comes blame, it was mis-sold, my mentor didn’t support me, the products were too expensive, the stock levels were low, there was too much competition.. I could go on and on with this list as I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why a business like this hasn’t worked for someone but I am going to be bold and shout BULLSHIT!

Being self-employed and being successful doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, consistency, self-discipline, and most importantly a willingness to learn. So many people walk away as soon as it gets tough.

If you don’t have the drive, passion, or the determination to keep going when it feels hard then this probably isn’t for you. This is a business, it can give you everything but it’s not an easy solution to quickly solve money problems and if you are not willing to put in the time working then it won’t work for you.

Why will it work?

The good news is this business can 100% work and can give you an incredible income working the hours you choose, I know this because I have done it and so have many of my team.

If you are reading this and either have a huge passion for children’s books or a desire to be your own boss, to learn and grow and take control of your own life then I would say this most likely would work for you. Just ask yourself if you are willing to have these traits too:

  • To be willing to try new skills
  • To be patient (your business needs time to grow)
  • To be consistent
  • To be willing to learn
  • To be self-motivated
  • To be self-disciplined
  • To push outside your comfort zone

If you answer yes to most of these then it sounds like this will work for you.

Should I go ahead?

If you are willing to put in the effort and have the traits listed above then 100% yes it’s amazing, also if you are still nervous and not sure you can be those things then think about what you have to risk by giving it your best shot? I wasn’t filled with confidence when I started, to be honest, I only wanted to be able to order cheap books for myself but slowly fell in love with every part of it.

The question to ask yourself is this………

Is the £48 to join worth the risk of it not working for me when it could give me everything?

As I said for me this was a no brainer, cheaper books for my kids and a brilliant starter kit for £48 was a great deal and I didn’t care one bit if I didn’t then make any money back, the fact it’s now changed my life with the income it provides was a complete shock. However, everyone is different and if that risk isn’t worth it for you or if you don’t feel you give it the love it needs then you can move on knowing you did the research to see if this is right for you and weighed up the pros and cons.

To find out a bit more about working with Usborne or to join please click the link below or to hear a bit more about if this may be right for you or not then watch the video.

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