Usborne Travel Incentive

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Is it really possible for anyone to achieve the Usborne Travel Incentive?

I’m on the fence with how I answer this one as if it was truly possible for EVERYONE to achieve in then why do only a small percentage of people each year earn themselves a spot on that plane? On the flip side, I have been on some amazing travel incentives and the people who achieve it are all from different backgrounds, have different skillsets and circumstances yet all made it onto the plane. I’ll explore a little bit more into my thoughts on this further down but let’s start with what the travel incentive is and what the criteria is to achieve it.

What is the travel Incentive and how do you achieve it?

There are actually 3 criteria’s to hit the travel incentive, the main one being to officially earn your place on the trip. For this you need to start the year as a ‘team leader’ (Click here to see more about this), and then you need to be paid as a team leader every month of that year and to achieve something known as triple gold! To simplify that, it basically means you help someone else become a team leader each season of the year which are Jan-Apr, May-Aug, and Sept-Dec. Pretty simple really and a win for you and the people you help.

The others ways to achieves this is to earn a wildcard place and there are two draws for these.

2021 Usborne Travel Incentive to the Maldives

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