Why am I up and working before 8.30am?

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This is me! Up, showered, dressed, and on the way to the office before 8.30am in that weird time between Xmas and the new year. Why? Well not because I have a boss telling me to but because I want to, I choose to. I’m excited about 2021 and all the possibilities it brings to me and my business.

I never would have believed I would become a person who wants to spend her time working, I love to be lazy but this business changed me and for the better.

When I first joined this business I didn’t have any grand plans, I just wanted some cheaper books for my children and if I’m honest I wanted something that made me feel like Sarah at times and not just Mummy and a slave to small people! Anyone else ever felt like that with motherhood? Like somehow your own identity diminishes?

To start with that’s what this business did, I wasn’t really learning a huge amount of money but a little bit of pocket money for me, and to feel like myself a little felt incredible and the more I did the more I remembered who I was before becoming Mummy and I loved having that part of me back.

I wanted to let everyone experience that feeling to so I started to help other people to start their own Usborne businesses too. I’ll be honest, I was a little terrified about doing this but I soon realised that I LOVED it. These people became my tribe my support network and amazing friends.

As well as loving spending my time doing this it made my business grow and grow too and subsequently my income too! It allowed me to leave my job, it paid for amazing holidays, allowed us to get back on the property market and so much more. I used to be the person to dread a birthday party as I didn’t know where I’d find the money for a present so to now live a life where I don’t really have to think about spending seems like a dream and I do still pinch myself often!

I didn’t have any special skills or knowledge when I joined this business that made it a success for me and not for others, I just decided to learn and try and keep going. To be honest I assumed I wouldn’t sell anything so in my head told myself I would just buy books for my first order and then I’ll never have to do anything else if I didn’t need to.

I often think back to that moment when I sat at a coffee morning and on a whim said I’ll join and wonder what my life would be like now if I hadn’t had said YES! What if I went away to think about it and allowed those little self-doubt monkeys in my head to tell me I couldn’t do this and would just be wasting money. What if I had taken the time to ask a friend who had told me she had known someone to do this business once and it never worked for her. What if I discussed it with my husband and he felt it would take up too much of my time, There are so many ‘what ifs’ and it terrifies me that I could have so easily walked by this opportunity.

I was so lucky that I said YES! If it hadn’t have worked I wouldn’t have lost much really, £48 to join and you get £150 worth of books for that anyway. As it happened I hit an incentive and had that £48 refunded so I actually started this business for nothing!

That small little book business that this scared and unconfident mummy started back then has sold over 1 million in books this year! It also helps over 1000 Mummies to earn more, achieve more, and have more. If you have been looking at an opportunity, have been wanting something to make you feel like YOU again, want or need an extra income and what to work with a supportive tribe where you are given mentorship and training then make 2021 the year that you say YES!!

For more information on if this business could work for you please click the link below.

Much love,

Sarah x


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